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The Citadel Supreme!

The livejournal of Stacy Dooks

17 December 1975
I'm Stacy Dooks, a writer. I'm a fan of all things pop culture, and fancy myself a scholar and a gentleman. I'm a work in progress and am endlessly fascinated by the world around me, which is far more beautiful and awesome than we can possibly imagine or concieve. I'm sinner and saint, swordsman and bon vivant, a dashing swashbuckler from another time. I'm many things to many people, and I'm becoming something to myself.

For some samples of my current writing, check out my Tiger Boy series of adventure/horror/humor at http://zebragirl.keenspot.com/tigerboy.html

My first published short story, ' The Demon in Gold ' may be found in the Thrilling Adventures anthology from 86th Floor Productions here: http://www.aric-dacia.com/86thfloor/

Thanks for stopping by!

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